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5.19.2018 Our first site event has officially started! Check it out here!

5.13.2018 We've added a few things to the site for functionality. Feel free to make use of our new absences board and take a look at our new character directory. For future characters you will need to fill out a form once you are accepted to have your characters added. All characters created before this point have been added in already.

5.01.2018 Hello everyone! Activity on the site has picked up significantly and I am so excited to welcome all of you to TIW! We have a lovely little community going and I hope it continues to grow and thrive.

4.15.2018 Hello! I would like to welcome everyone to This Is War, a post-disaster canine play-by-post game. Set in the town of Breckenridge, Colorado, dogs have come here to escape the second United States civil war. We are just opening to the public after several months of development and encourage you to look around! If you have any questions, please feel free to post in our chat box in the sidebar or post in our Questions & Suggestions board, which is guest friendly.
IC updates
5.01.2018 Everyone watch out! There's a military convoy moving through town, bringing a little bit of chaos to the relatively peaceful town. There are some military dogs who don't seem too friendly checking out main street.

5.01.2018 Now that spring is well and truly here, it seems that dogs are coming out of the woodwork to get their lives back on track. A few members of the former Haven pack have survived the winter, but none from The Legion have appeared. New dogs are also arriving, running from increased fighting in and around Denver. Two dogs, War and Apollo, have formed a hesitant friendship and the coydog, Semele, seems to be traveling through the city rather quickly, popping up everywhere.

4.15.2018 After terrible fighting between the first arrivals in Breckenridge winter set in, forcing the dogs to focus on survival. Now spring is arriving and more dogs are streaming in from the surrounding war-torn areas, looking for shelter from the increased fighting between humans in the highway towns and major cities within the state. Some are passing through, getting as far away from the fighting as possible, while others, war-weary and tired, are choosing to stay in Breckenridge because of the relative safety that the mountain town provides. The two main packs of last year have disintegrated, making room for new packs to arise. Only time will tell if the dogs arriving here are strong enough to survive the challenges that await.
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In: Pink Nicotine
By: PN

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Main Street

At the heart of town lies Main Street, the second most important road in Breckenridge. It is lined with shops, markets, and service buildings in typical small, mining town fashion. Many of the stores are still in good shape, despite looting a few stray explosions from pockets of fighting in the area. The plethora of restaurants means that this place can still offer a hungry canine something to fill their stomach and the other buildings make good shelter from the wintry weather outside. A few humans have holed up in some of the more intact buildings, but most have fled to less trafficked areas.

2 11 May 19 2018, 01:11 PM
In: Military Convoy
By: Bagheera
The Riverwalk Center

Just beyond Main Street and along the small Blue River is the building and grounds that were once part of the Riverwalk Center, a well-known performing arts center located in the historic mining town. The fancy glass doors have been shattered, but the building was meant to seat close to one thousand humans, so there is plenty of room to roam and hide within the shelter of the walls. The surrounding lawns were restored to their natural beauty by the humans some years ago, so nature seems to be taking over a little bit faster here.

1 0 May 7 2018, 11:25 AM
In: Midnight Hour (open)
By: Dante
The Dredge

The Dredge is a floating restaurant located on a pond in town and accessed by two bridges that are still relatively intact. The building itself is a replica of one of the largest mining dredges operated during the mining days of the early twentieth century. The pond was stocked with trout at one point and, despite lack of recent human interference, has managed to survive and thrive beneath the floating behemoth. Care to try fishing?

1 6 May 24 2018, 03:06 AM
In: [O] I'm not used to thi...
By: Semele
Town Hall

Located between two semi-demolished and looted bank buildings, the town hall is an unimpressive brick structure nestled among some stands of indigenous trees. The glass doors were shattered by humans in search of valuables and a safe place to stay, so it's easily accessible, though there are only two entrances. A few cars sit abandoned in the parking lot. Just behind the buildings is a large, cleared-out plot of land that has only just started growing grass again. In the winter it turns into a mud pit.

1 2 May 2 2018, 09:49 PM
In: [O] it's worth another ...
By: Semele

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Boar's Nest

Nestled in the heart of the historic district, the Boar's Nest is the best vacation home that money can buy. No dogs allowed. Don't want to ruin the carpet, you know. It's a good thing most humans have vacated the building, taking anything of worth, including easily-moved furniture with them. Beautiful despite broken windows and doors hanging off hinges, this place wouldn't be a bad spot to spend the night, or the winter, especially with a few friends.

1 2 Apr 23 2018, 06:32 PM
In: [AW] Boar-d Room
By: Blue
Longbranch Condominiums

In most places, condominiums are bought as homes. Here in Breckenridge they serve as another kind of hotel for humans, without the annoying next-door neighbor and small rooms. These condos are private homes for vacationers, so they come with bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and more. The only thing they don't have is laundry rooms. There's television, gas fireplaces, plus a communal hot tub and pool. Of course, most of those aren't working anymore, thanks to the lack of electricity around most of the town.

1 3 May 5 2018, 04:08 PM
In: [o] Shelter
By: Blue
Speakeasy Movie Theater

In an old red brick building within the historic district there is a cozy old theater that once showed all of the popular movies that humans love. It was restored a few years back, so the building is in pretty good shape. The cash registers in the lobby have been smashed and looted, but the rest of the theater has been mostly untouched. Humans politely left the front and back doors open for their canine friends and there are plenty of rooms to hide in and furniture to lay on.

1 1 May 16 2018, 05:37 PM
In: [Open] Tremble
By: Holly
St. Mary's

St. Mary's is a small, simple church where many of the town's residents once went to several times a week for different activities. You'd almost expect a towering steeple or an old brick building, but the church is actually a relatively plain modern building with grayish paneling and a pretty stained glass window at the front. Somehow that window has survived - perhaps because it is too tall for anyone to reach - though some of the regular windows have been smashed.

1 9 May 7 2018, 10:56 AM
In: [o] Silent Stone
By: Dante

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Country Boy Mine

Once the most famous gold mine in Breckenridge, the Country Boy Mine has been turned into a museum by humans fascinated by old-time gold mining. The mine itself has been restored and stabilized in order to be opened to the public. Several tunnels are easily accessed, and a nosy canine might find more that were never touched once they were abandoned years ago. A few donkeys from the petting zoo have run wild and even managed to start reproducing in the area. Or, if you don't feel like hunting, head into the general store for some old fashioned rock candy.

1 6 May 15 2018, 01:50 AM
In: Life's A Dance [P]
By: Fire
The Wellington Neigborhood

This little neighborhood prided itself on its historic representation of the old mining town. The houses are in classic Victorian era style with porches and picket fences; the image of a simpler time. This was once a close-knit community located in the historic French Gulch of Breckenridge. Now it is but a shadow of it's former self. A few humans still reside here, determined to remain with their homes, while others have fled the looting and fighting and lawlessness of a border state in a time of war.

1 14 May 6 2018, 02:18 PM
In: Home Sweet Home
By: Fire
Rockridge Townhomes

Yet another set of vacation homes, this resort is located on the edge of town with a beautiful view of the Tenmile Range. More rustic than some of the vacation homes in town, each unit still includes kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Each home even has its own laundry! The outdated furniture and rustic style means that most of the resort has been left intact. Lack of valuables make it undesirable for looting humans. A few of the homes have smashed windows or open doors for access, but others are still shut tight against the world.

1 8 May 24 2018, 02:47 AM
In: [O] the end of the longest ...
By: Semele
Breckenridge Golf Club

The golf club occupies a significant parcel of land that forms three separate courses. Usually carefully manicured lawns are now growing lawn. Sand traps have turned to mud and water traps look more and more wild with each season that passes without human care. The expensive club buildings are in various states of disrepair and destruction. The interiors have been looted. Wild animals have begun to return to this section of town because of the lack of nearby developments and human activity.

1 0 May 24 2018, 12:20 PM
In: Something About Grass Being...
By: Bagheera

   The WIlds
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Peak Eight

Part of the Tenmile range of the Rocky Mountains, Peak Eight is the main hub of the ski resorts and slopes of Breckenridge. The summit of the mountain is a healthy thirteen thousand feet and not easily reached - nor is it recommended that a canine try to reach the summit. The slopes are bare in places that were once used for skiing with thick bands of trees in between the runs. Several ski lifts adorn the slopes, most still fully intact and hanging from sturdy cables. Only a few of the cables have snapped. There are several different lodges, resorts, and other buildings also located on the mountain and it's base.

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Goose Pasture Tarn

This small mountain lake located in a Breckenridge suburb was once a very well-maintained private pond owned by the town. A small population of fish has managed to survive from species once stocked by the human caretakers. Though within the town's borders, there are few buildings visible from the lake, making the area pristine and popular for local wildlife. In the winter it is coated in a thick layer of ice, but in the summer months the shallows are a great place to cool off in the sun.

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Blue River

The Blue River originates north of Breckenridge at the Dillon Reservoir and flows straight south beyond the town. The river splits into two - the Blue River that flows through the town and the Swan river - and narrows as it travels along the western edge of Breckenridge. It connects many of the small bodies of water in town, including Goose Pasture Tarn. During the summer some of the shallower parts of the river turn into little more than a creek but in the spring it is prone to flooding and developing treacherous rapids.

1 5 May 17 2018, 06:01 PM
In: [open] Long Road Home
By: Blue
Cucumber Gulch Wildlife Preserve

The wildlife preserve flourished underneath the watchful eyes of humans, but the onset of war led to some deterioration. Still, with nature left to its own devices, the more than seventy acre preserve has seen some improvements. Endangered species of flora and fauna are managing to recuperate and there has been an influx of prey animals and predators alike. Lush meadows and ponds teeming with life are very attractive to a hungry canine, while the Tenmile range looming in the background are a staunch reminder of dangers of the wild.

1 8 May 15 2018, 04:39 PM
In: Running On Empty (open)
By: Bagheera

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